8 Tips To Grow Your Business

Whether you’re just starting a new business or you’re looking to grow an established business, Feng Shui can help you. By working with the natural energies of the world, you can help draw opportunity and possibility to you just by changing your environment. Here are several tips you can use to grow your business no matter where you’re starting out from.

1. Look for dead things Whether it’s plants or items that simply don’t work, if you want to grow a business, you need to toss these items, fix them, or nurse them back to health. Anything that symbolizes death or stunted growth is going to attract that negative energy into your business.

2. Seeds of change If you like the idea of symbols to represent your growth, try planting seeds and then nursing them to full growth. This will allow you to encourage the energy of upward movement and seeds blossoming into a fully mature plant much like your business. Taking the time to water these seeds and provide for their needs will help you bring that Spring energy into your business tasks.

3. Failure is not an option Though most of us would say that we learn from our mistakes, you do not want to surround yourself with reminders of your failures. Remove any traces of negative job performances or other things that went badly in the course of your business practice. This way, you will be surrounding yourself with positive reminders of what you have done well, spurning you on to do more positive things.

4. Read success stories Focusing on what can happen for your business will encourage positive energy in your day to day business life. Read success stories and post them around your workspace to remind yourself that things are possible and that you might be the next success story. Or you could write your own success story, even if it hasn’t happened yet.

5. Check your fears at the door You might also want to try your doorknob to make sure it’s not sticking. When you can not open your door easily, the energy coming in and going out is stifled. You need to make sure that your door is always working well and that you can move easily from one part of your work area to the next.

6. Look to the left When you walk into your workspace, look to the left back area of the room. Is this area cluttered and messy or is it professional and productive? This area is where energy related to wealth and success is focused, so this area should be as clean as possible. If there are any negative items in this section, you should remove them immediately.

7. Center your success Though the middle of a room is associated with health in Feng Shui practices, you might want to realize that the health of your business can also apply here. By taking care to clear this space and keep it free of clutter, you can encourage financial and business health. You might also want to hang a crystal in the middle of the room to radiate energy to all corners of the room, protecting your space from being stuffy and potentially negative to your business goals.

8. Leave some empty room So often, we try to fill every corner of our homes and offices with stuff. But when we do so, we aren’t leaving room for anything new to enter. Try to leave some empty space in your office or work area to help you encourage the energy of attraction and of possibility. Since there is always room for more in your workspace, you will be able to have more successful ventures.


The 7 Rules of Growth For Small Businesses

For years, I have tried to answer this one question: What do small businesses that achieve sustained growth do differently from those that do not grow?

As a senior consultant for Inc. magazine, I speak to thousands of business owners each year. I’ve learned that there are no silver bullets or 17-point checklists that will lead to guaranteed growth. There are, however, seven specific areas in which growth companies concentrate their efforts.

1. Strong sense of purpose. Most leaders of companies that have achieved growth discover that it takes more than the promise of increasing financial reward to fuel their aspirations and ambitions. They find a higher calling than simply the pursuit of “more money.”

2. Outstanding market intelligence. This is an organization’s ability to first recognize, then adapt, to fundamental changes in the marketplace. Many times, small-business owners become too myopic, seeing only a limited view of the markets in which they compete. Growth leaders see the bigger picture.

3. Effective growth planning. This is the best predictor of whether or not a business will grow. To be effective, a plan for growth does not need to be overly formal or complicated. However, it does need to be written, well-communicated and regularly updated.

4. Customer-driven processes. These days, every company I talk to believes it is customer-driven, when actually very few really are. Take a look at all of the business processes from a customer’s perspective. Are they in place to make it easier for the company, or to help deliver on the promise of faster, cheaper and better for the customer?

5. The power of technology. Successful leaders don’t let the boom and bust of technology cycles give them the excuse to ignore that we live in an information age. If a company is in business, it is in the technology business.

6. The best and brightest people. Growth leaders recognize that they are only as good as the people with whom they work. The ability to hire, train and retain the best and the brightest people is often the difference between success and failure.

7. Seeing the future. Few organizations take the time to regularly consider the future. Growth leaders learn how to diligently monitor and interpret the macro forces of change affecting the world in which they live.


Growth Strategies For Your Home Based Business

You are the most important part of your home based business. To ensure you have a dynamic business, it is important to know how to motivate and focus yourself. This article will provide strategies to help you plan the way forward.

1.Plan ahead; it is essential you make a business plan. Lack of planning means that you have no clear focus for yourself or your home based business. Know exactly where you want your business to go and what you need to do to get there. Write it down and refer to it often.

2.Stepping stones; thinking of tackling your business plan can be overwhelming. There seems to be a huge amount to do and it would appear that it will be enormously time consuming. Don’t panic! Break your plan down into several smaller ones and deal with them one at a time. This will keep you focused and the task in hand will seem more realistic and manageable.

3.Pathway to success; Once your business plan has been broken down into smaller steps, take time to review it and decide on the order you are going to tackle the various tasks. You may want change the order as you begin to work your way through it, but it will give you a starting point.

4.Display; Make your plan for your home based business a visual one. Put it on the wall of your workspace. It is important that it should not be solely a written document. Make it colourful and interesting. Use charts and pictures. That way information will be easy to see and to reference.

5.Review; as you complete each step of your home based business plan, take a little time out to review the progress you have made. It may have implications for the way you handle the next step.

6.Skills; it is important that you are able to identify your strengths and how they impact on your home based business. It is equally important to recognize areas you could improve in. Put in place strategies to counteract this. Go on training courses, work with someone who has skills in these areas or read books on the areas you need to improve on.

7.Daily plan; starting the day with no clear idea of what you need to do can be very demotivating. Each evening, write yourself a detailed to do list for the following day. Read through it first thing each morning and it will focus your mind on the day ahead.

8.Congratulate yourself; take time to celebrate your successes. When you reach a goal or complete one step of your plan for your home based business, take time to treat yourself by doing something you enjoy. It will motivate you to move on to the next stage of your home based business.

It is essential that you routinely plan and review in order to grow your home based business. Using the ideas in this article will ensure that you have a dynamic home based business that is sure to move forward.


Planning The Growth Of Your Home Business

At this point, you may have a profitable home business on your hands. The next logical step is to grow and expand into new markets, or perhaps to create new product lines. Unfortunately, most home business owners are already short on space and have their business invading rooms once reserved for personal use only.

1. Outsource

A home office typically needs, at the very least, a lot of administration. Phones, a computer desk, filing cabinets – it all adds up and leaves your home looking messy and frazzled. Instead, you could outsource your administrative needs, like bookkeeping or invoicing, to a third party company. This lets you concentrate on actually working while letting professionals handling the busy work.

2. Plan For Growth

A growing business is a healthy business. Even if you aren’t making any profit, you are still opening up new markets and therefore more opportunities for you to do greater amounts of business. As you grow, you can afford to price your products lower knowing that you will be doing a greater number of transactions than your direct competition. In essence, you will be making less money per unit but selling far more units total for a greater profit overall.

3. Grow Steadily

Growing at too fast a pace is dangerous because you need to keep your different locations running with some level of control. For example, fast food chains succeed because they are able to deliver reliably prepared food. Consumers know that a big mac purchased in New York will be identical to a Big Mac purchased in China. Not only that, but if your business grows too quickly it will not have the professionals needed to manage it all.

4. Franchising

Instead of expanding on your own, franchising offers other entrepreneurs to let others open a store using your products and a tried and tested methodology. Of course, these people will keep a cut of the profits, but it’s a great way to expand without having to put out as much of your own money up front. Standardizing your services is one way of helping to cut costs – for example, fast food chains often have all hamburgers they create use one mass-produced hamburger patty. When you order a larger burger they simply stack more than one patty on top of one another instead of using a single, larger patty.


How Technology Can Make Your Business Life Easier?

There are a lot of worries involved with running your own business. From wondering whether sales will meet expectations to dealing with employees, worrying about bad checks and verifying the age of customers so you aren’t selling adult products to minors, there are many potential problems that could come up any day.

Fortunately, technology can get rid of some of these worries. While it can’t solve your disputes with employees, it can make it easier for you to accept payments with confidence and monitor the age of your customers.

The first and most vital piece of technology for making your business life easier is a credit card terminal. If you’re not accepting credit cards, you really should be. People these days love to pay with plastic, and you’ll turn some customers off by not offering the option.

While you’re looking at merchant accounts and payment processing equipment, see if you can get a card reader that allows customers to put in their PIN numbers as well. This will allow you to accept debit cards, providing even more flexibility for your customers (and lower transaction rates for you).

Next, if bad checks are a worry for your business, you’ll want to look into getting a check reader. This is sort of like a credit card machine for checks. Just insert the check into the reader and the amount of the check is automatically debited from the customer’s account.

You get the payment within 24 hours and it’s deposited directly into your account — you don’t even have to drive to the bank and physically deposit the check! Using a check reader can give you peace of mind because you’ll know before the customer leaves your shop if they can afford the check they just wrote.

A final piece of technology that is a great addition for people who sell tobacco, alcohol or other adult-oriented products is age verification hardware. Electronic age verification is done with the help of a device that looks like a credit card terminal and scans the barcode or magnetic strip on state-issued identification cards.

The machine then tells you whether the person is of age to consume whatever your product is. This takes the guesswork out of reading IDs and is a lot faster than having a person inspect each patron’s identification and do the math to make sure you aren’t selling to minors.

In some ways technology can seem like it makes our lives more difficult, always giving us more to read, watch and do. But in the case of your business, picking up some new technology can certainly make your life a lot easier.


Home Business And Modern Technology

There are two types of millionaires:

a) The millionaire who is married to the job and has no time for anything else;
no time for family, friends, a decent vacation, basically just lives for the job/business and the reason for this is that it takes a lot of work to build an empire and keep it from sinking, therefore it is imperative to oversee the business at all times.

b) The millionaire who takes advantage of the new technologies and has time for the family, friends and vacations, while still overseeing the business.

One often hears of relationships that end due to overworked partners, children who miss the company of one of the parents, friends who comment on how they dont see so and so because theyre too busy. Makes one think whether the human being was really meant to give up so much, to have a comfortable life.

The world has molded mankind in such a way that one has to follow certain rules to make a living, from an early age man is programmed to survive in the modern world: education work own family even more work retirement death. Sad but it exactly what happens, those more ambitious will start their own business which will, undoubtedly, mean even more work. Some fortunate enough will enjoy their retirement and travel, go on vacations or just enjoy ones leisure, but not many can do it for health or financial reasons.

Owning a business imperatively means investments which rules out most of the working class, with all the bills to pay, there usually is very little left over. Often the bank is the chosen source of capital and subsequently extra financial burden and with it more work to meet the budget.

Presently a new type of entrepreneur arises, one who uses modern technology to create a business with less investment due to a variety of factors, starting with the fact that one doesnt, in the majority of cases, need a building for the business, one can work from home or anywhere in the world and still oversee the organization, usually one can, if so desired, work less hours due to automated systems.

So why doesnt everyone have a home business?

Some people like to work for others; some like to commute getting, out of the house every morning appeals to them; not everyone has the ambition to own a home business; some are skeptical; some even havent heard of it, the list is endless.

For those who are ready for a home business there is a vast list of opportunities available, perhaps the difficult part is to choose the one that suites each one of the future entrepreneurs so the selection process has to be pondered, bearing in mind that there are scams everywhere that promise the world and deliver nothing!

There is no reason why a home business entrepreneur cant have more than one business at the same time and thats one of the many reasons that home businesses backed by the right technology (available to anyone who owns a computer) is so appealing to those who want to build a successful career in the home business new era, welcome aboard and good luck!


Home Based Business With The Help Of Web Technology

Home based business is becoming more and more enticing. With the home now capable of having as much technology as most small offices, why not have a home office. There are a lot of features that technology offers most homeowners. This is not the day of a typewriter letter and a postage stamp. Instant gratification is carried out with a high-speed internet connection.

There is a lot to be said for using the family residence as a business base. Homes of the future will be built around web technology. Houses are now being wired for high-speed internet use. The new ultra modern homes offering docking station for iPods that look like phone holders.

With the busy lifestyle what can be more convenient than working from home. With the price of long commutes going up there is a new breed of workers that opt for a home based business. The web has become familiar to all generations. Just about everyone is sharpening their computer skills. The webs popularity keeps growing and will move the country in the direction of using the home as an office.

To set up a home based business takes the least amount of capital. With wireless access to your customer base any where in the world your office literally travels with you. Where else can you get away from it all while taking it all with you? Generation X and Y are the most comfortable with the new gadgets. That means to reach a younger consumer you have to be computer savvy

Anyone can start a business from home. Age is not a deterrent and either is income. Most home based business can start with small amounts of capital. They can be started while being employed at a full time job. Supplies can be bought via the internet. The time factor to initiate a home business is less that what it would be to start a brick and mortar type company. It appeals to people who want to innovate and go into business as quickly as possible

Forget about having to get home for the kids, doing laundry, having dinner ready or simply to try unwinding from a stressful day at the office. Americans are changing their partnership with corporate America. The indications are that the simple matter of corporate loyalty is now an urban legend. These have been troubling times for the worker who looks to the corporate entity as a protector. People are not going into the marketplace for full health care coverage because that package may not be offered at all jobs.

A home based business has a lot of appeal. The home is a sanctuary that offers a lot of amenities that you can not fine at the job. Many people are leaving corporate America to join the ranks of the independent business owner. This is a growing trend that allows the business owner more control over costs to start and run a business. Starting a home based business is a way to customize your lifestyle in a way that was not possible before the advent of the new web technology.


Five Reasons Why SEO Is Better Than Paid Online Marketing

Online Marketing is becoming an essential marketing medium for a successful business. If a business can successfully marketing their product or service online they open many new doors to potential customers and sales leads. A well structured and organised SEO consultant will suggest two avenues for online marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Paid Online Marketing (like Pay Per Click). Ideally you would be able to afford both paid and unpaid marketing campaigns but if you are like most businesses you are on a budget and need the proof that online marketing actually works.

The most common phrase I hear is “But everyone knows who we are and what we do” in relation to their business. This is just not true otherwise every potential customer would already be beating down your door wouldn’t they? There is always room for growth and if you sell a product or service then there is always online marketing potential.

So, lets explore why SEO is far superior to paid online marketing.

1. SEO is a long term strategy for your online marketing. Should you implement pay per click or other paid online marketing then as soon as you stop paying your bills to the advertiser the traffic to your website will stop. Although you pay for setting up an SEO campaign with a reputable agency often their other clients results are so impressive it is almost compelling to go with SEO instead. With SEO, should you stop paying for the refinements a reputable firm might charge at an ongoing rate, you might only see a slight leveling off of website traffic.

2. With pay per click marketing you pay for every visitor delivered to your website whether they like your service or not. With Search Engine Optimisation your website will hopefully appear high in the free search results and this will mean you do not pay for a click through to your website – effectively once your SEO is setup every click or visitor to your website is free.

3. False or fake click throughs. In a study released in August 2007 it was determined that 18% of click throughs on pay per click links on Google were false. In other words this could be competitors clicking through to your website just trying to cost you money in advertising.

4. The psychology of clicking on sponsored links. If you appear in both the paid and unpaid search results then you would see about 80% of your website traffic come from the unpaid free SEO website links. There is a psychology associated with consumers clicking on paid advertising links especially if they are labeled as such, like in Google “Sponsored Links”. Searchers see straight through this and know it is a paid advertising link. Consumer preference is placed on the freely generated results and links at a rate of 4 to 1.

5. Over the period of one year the cost of setting up the initial SEO campaign will have more than bettered the underlying website traffic that an equivalent costing pay per click campaign will have achieved. From my client examples there is about a 4 times website traffic factor weighted for SEO against pay per click. I was amazed myself!!

In a recent newspaper article in Melbourne, Australia, it was shown that holding a position in the top 3 spots in the search engine results pages for a competitive term is worth an estimated $1.5 million. It was also shown that holding the top spot generates 3.5 times the traffic that the number two spot generates.

When it boils down to it a well executed Search Engine Optimisation campaign will get your website massive amounts of website traffic. Of course selling the product or service is then the responsibility of the actual website so make sure you couple your SEO with good design, clear and prevalent calls to action and correct marketing principles like colour schemes and layouts. In my opinion it is vital to get this SEO campaign mix correct so talk to a reputable SEO firm and gain some information on how they can help you.


Internet marketing tips to help your business grow

To do business online, you must have Internet marketing tips handy to guide you. Internet marketing is a relatively new marketing strategy and everybody is doing internet marketing these days. Internet marketing is all about promoting, selling and buying of goods and services in the World Wide Web. There are many website in the internet, and so the trick lies in bringing visitors to your website by adopting effective internet marketing tips and strategies.

The first thing for internet marketing for your product is to have a website for the product. This is the first and foremost internet marketing tips. The site must be properly designed combining the different elements of designing in just the right proportion. See that the site has proper navigability and functionality, so that visitors keep coming back to your site to buy things.

You can find hundreds and thousands of tips on internet marketing, but what you have to do is utilize that which is best for bringing bring new clients to your site. Take part in as many forum discussions as possible in the internet. Prepare blogs for your site and make your presence felt everywhere in the internet. Create a buzz in the internet about your site and try to bring in as many visitors as you can to your site. This is one way of bringing visitors and prospective clients to your site.

Put up good and accurate and relevant information in the content of your site about the product or service you are offering. Visitors come to online sites looking for information and if they do not find what they are looking for, they will simply go to the next website. There is no limit for options when a person is searching for information in the World Wide Web. Keep on updating the contents of your site regularly with relevant information. This will surly give you a distinct edge over your rivals.

Publishing letters and ezines is another internet marketing tips which can be utilized for your online business site. They are good source of communication to keep in touch with your existing and prospective customers of your business. You can keep your customers regularly informed about any new schemes which you undertake for growing your business from time to time.

The cost of advertising in the internet is less compared to advertising in any other medium. Besides being cheap internet marketing can be accessed by anyone at anytime from any corner of the world. This is an important aspect which must be remembered which undertaking internet marketing for a product or service. The whole universe is your market, so take care of global needs while putting up information in your site about the product you are selling.

Internet marketing tips are meant to guide a person who is entering the field of internet marketing, but does not have proper knowledge about it. Following the internet marketing tips carefully will surely help your business grow, since they are tried and tested methods of achieving success in the internet. Project your business in the proper way and give the customers a clear picture about what services you are offering them. Also let them know if you are offering them any freebies or offers very clearly. I am sure following good internet marketing tips will spell success for your business.


Understanding Marketing: 5 Common Misconceptions

Everybody seems to know Marketing. The world is full of Marketing gurus. We all talk about with a remarkable ease and confidence, though most of the times we are not Marketing professionals and not even close. What are the most frequent mistakes in understanding Marketing practices and theories?

1. Defining Marketing
There is clearly a general tendency in employing the notion of Marketing within a confusing mix of Public Relations, Advertising, or Media Planning. Regardless of the degree in evolution and growing of Marketing, many of us still cannot understand what Marketing really is and only see the its extreme manifestations. Many believe Marketing is a useless, fancy field, eating up budgets and giving little in return. Others see Marketing as an artistic field, where all you need is creativity to develop a memorable ad.

2. Marketing is still confused with Communication
This common mistake is, again, the result of sufficient understanding of Marketing. Marketing professionals are often thought to be responsible for creating advertisements, logos, slogans. What people usually see is the mere top of the iceberg, forgetting that there is a product, a price and a distribution strategy to be developed before even thinking of advertising.

3. Under- or overestimating the role of the marketer
On one hand, the marketer is often seen as a must-have within a company, but (s)he has an indefinite role and ends up doing a little of everything (Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Customer Care, Account Management etc.) On the other hand we might be faced with the other extreme, where the marketer is an omniscient, all-powerful creature eclipsing everyone else.

4. Segmentation
In spite of the abundance in resources and consulting services aimed at researching the consumers base, segmentation is still done intuitively at least at small-business level. Large companies might have whole departments assigned to work on segmentation research and strategy, and still not be fully failure-proof.

5. Marketing for the sake of it
This is an attitude I have met in too many occasions not to mention it. People (and again, small-business owners are the usual culprits) do marketing because everyone else does it, because they heard they should do it, because it is a fashionable thing to do.

Surely, the list above is not exhaustive, and it only points at several attitudes leading nowhere on the Marketing battlefield.

Marketing is surely not an art, thought it does employ a certain flaire and creativity. Marketing is not a science either, but it operates with precise instruments. Marketing is not for everyone and not to be performed regardless of the conjuncture around the business.

We should keep in mind that Marketing operations have a clear objective: increasing the profitability of a business. To bring money, to be more clear. Marketing is therefore just as important as everything else in the company: if a product has functional faults we would blame the production department, but when a product does not sell for reasons beyond production it is usually the Marketing department to take the blame.